Graham Tempest writes fast-paced thrillers featuring British financial sleuth Oliver Steele and his American sidekick, Kathy.

His books have a theme, ‘missing millions.’ These are the millions of pounds, dollars, dhirams and renminbi -- billions if you believe the more colourful estimates -- that greedy criminals and brutal dictators, from Marcos to Qaddafi, divert from their proper owners. When tyrants are toppled, often after decades of stealing, people are quick to ask, ‘where's the money?’ Well, a lot of it resides in the sunny/shady world of tropical tax havens and secret bank accounts that Tempest writes about. 


CASINO CARIBBEAN is set in London, Antigua and the Florida Keys. CASINO EXCELSIOR moves from a billionaire's luxury yacht in Monte Carlo harbour to a private bank on the fictional island of St. Lydia. A third book, due whenever the author can get around to finishing it, is entitled CASINO QADDAFI. 


He fantasizes that, by pooling information on his blog and generally rummaging around, a vast financial hoard of Monte Cristo proportions could be discovered, secret money in the billions. That could get interesting.