I swore I’d never buy a Kindle reader* but I finally broke down and got one so to celebrate I'm making the electronic edition of Casino Caribbean FREE for a while just press the red button at the top of the page. 

Casino Caribbean introduces cynical young accountant Steele. Broke and hungry for work, he is given a perilous assignment by Tisch, a billionaire who lives on Tortola. Assailed by crooked lawyers in the Florida Keys and bankers in the City of London, he is kidnapped, shot at and faces death on the volcanic island of Guadeloupe.

I encourage you to press the red button. Free means free, no hidden costs. 

* Readable in sunlight – personally field-tested on New Smyrna Beach, a lovely ten mile stretch of Florida’s Atlantic coast 250 miles north of Miami. It's okay not to go there by the way, we're trying to save it for the really sun-addicted – beach bums of the world unite!